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Baby Bogg Tote - Fogg Bogg

Baby Bogg Tote - Fogg Bogg

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The bag measures 15x13x5.25

FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY DUE TO THE SIZE OF THE BAGS. SHIPPING ON THE SMALL BAGS IS 10.99. THE BAGS WILL BE PACKED WITH BUBBLE WRAP AND CARDBOARD AND WRAPPED IN A POLYMAILER. If you would like your bag shipped in a box, please contact us after purchasing, we will be happy to do so, but we will invoice you for additional postage.

Each Baby Bogg Bag comes with one clear insert bag with 2 white buttons on the back that snaps into the holes, anywhere inside or outside the bag, to keep smaller items in reach. The small insert bag measures 5 inches high, 7 inches wide and is less than .25 inches deep when flat but can open up to accommodate approximately 1.5 inches.  Suggested uses for the small insert: smaller cell phone, change, credit/store cards, id, chapstick

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